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My Name is Charles Palen - Thanks For Checking This Out

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First off; thanks for checking this site out. Technogumbo is in its third/fourth complete version using this layout and architecture. I created this site and the programming behind it to be optimized towards search engine optimization best practices in 2008. In 2017 I spent a weekend and created a static site generator for this website to convert it from a dynamic php based back-end to a fully static html site. I did this so I could host the site out of an Amazon AWS bucket.

I have learned so much from the Internet during my lifetime that I hope I can use this site to give something back. I try to provide helpful insight on this site as well as elaborate on my current projects and research interests where possible.

I currently spend the majority of my spare time on cloud design patterns and microservices. I have been fortunate enough to work for a small consultancy. Transcending Digital that is involved in projects covering a vast landscape in small to large businesses.

I grew up in Michigan, lived in Massachusetts for three years while having a lot of fun at work. I am now back in Michigan near the capitol city working at Transcending Digital. There is never enough time in the day to tackle all the cool things going on in the world.

I have been really lucky to meet many people through the years across the U.S. via work, and throughout the world from this site. I really love programming, information technology, science, engineering, and learning about new things. It is unbelievably rewarding to work in a profession where people throughout the world are helping eachother via means of open source software, how to articles, innovative cross-continental services, and sharing of knowledge.

Broad research topics I am interested in learning more about but will probably never have time:
1. Genetic Sequencing
2. Robotics
3. Better analog systems knowledge